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The 3 Biggest Budget Mistakes

Master your finances once and for all in this FREE 45-minute  Webinar with industry expert Valerie Delforge.

Learn how to:

1) Manage your Stock, the second biggest cost in your business, which left unmonitored destroys your cashflow.

2) Optimise and strategise the heart of your budget: your Treatment Menu. Finally reach your target revenue per minute.

3) When to invest strategically in to Marketing to attract your ideal clients - even during a pandemic.

Working with Financial Documents
Female Accountant

5 Crucial Steps For Every Salon Owner

In this short sharp tutorial Valerie shares five tips that every single salon owner needs to be implementing in their salon right now.

By looking at one top priority across each of the Delforge 5 - Retail, Reception, Budget, Marketing, Leadership - you'll find you're immediately able to put your salon in a far better financial position. ⁠

This video is completely FREE and includes a FREE download with exercises and top tips to get these 5 crucial steps implemented today.⁠

Daily Management Checklist

When you manage to be on TOP of your business not IN your business, real leadership can happen and you will see a transformation.

Clear communication of your expectations are crucial to strong leadership. And having clear systems and procedures in place means the business can function without you, and that your expectations will be met.⁠

In order to help you make this big step, we are offering a FREE download of a Daily Management Checklist with a quick video tutorial with Valerie alongside it. ⁠

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Hygiene Policy

In the wake of Coronavirus, a strong Hygiene Policy is as important as ever. This policy will help you to outline and ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene to ensure that your customers and your team know they are in a safe environment.

Mystery Shopping Form

The perfect tool to carry out a thorough mystery shop and assess the weaknesses and strengths in your customer journey.


Use this exercise to identify key areas for improvement in your future business strategy.

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5 Key Points For Reception

The reception team is at the very heart of each spa experience and a key to the success of your business. The reception staff’s organisation and efficiency, or lack thereof, can make or break the customer experience as clients start and finish their journey with them.


Download and learn 5 Key Points To Implement At The Reception and empower your team with tools to improve your turnover and business as a whole.

Employee Reference Form

An employment reference form to send to previous employers to receive all the information you need to ensure you're making the right hire.

Job interview
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10 Mistakes That Hurt Your Bottom Line

Running a business is hard work. Whether you feel ready to take the entrepreneurial plunge or you’re opening a second location, the challenges you face never really get easier. They’re just different.


Not only that, but the way you deal with these hardships also changes over time and with experience. Sometimes though, being right in the middle of it all can make it hard to identify salon business mistakes that can put your brand at significant risk.

Find out more in this easy to digest download.

Valerie Delforge Spa Beauty Salon Business Consultant Trainer Coach Mentor

SOP Part 1

Your Spa/Salon SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is an integral document that forms the foundations of your daily operations. 

The full SOP is made up of 5 parts, and we are offering Part 1 as a complimentary tatster.

This section is all about defining who you are as a business and what your mission statement is. This is crucial to ensure you know where you're going, and the rest of your team do to.

Owner / Manager Meeting Agenda

Organise your weekly, monthly and quarterly individual meetings with your Manager using this planning resource. These agendas will help you maximise your operational efficiency and improve communications throughout the business.


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