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Get Strategic Quick

A downloadable guide to help you build a new depth of understanding about your business,
and formulate new strategies to continu
e growth and achieve successful outcomes.


Our Get Strategic Quick guide is born out of the thought processes we discuss with many of our clients on a daily basis. The guide presents the key strategy areas we look at in our roles as business coaches and allows you to build a picture of where you need to go and where you need to be – all in one bundle.


What is this and who is it for?


The Get Strategic Guide includes seven interactive business strategy worksheets designed to help you create a coherent business strategy and a business plan. The worksheets are interactive, and can be filled out in your browser or using any PDF editing tool.


The exercises within each of the sheets have been formulated through years of experience working with businesses that need clarity on how to move forward, help with developing a business structure, or guidance on developing an understanding of their brand and target market, and how to organise a strategy and goal setting ahead of time.


The guide contains tools to support you throughout, and a process that builds a picture of where you are at in the business and where you want to be - setting in stone your areas of growth, identifying any weaknesses or areas for improvement, solidifying the structure, the core values, the target market and an exercise to understand how others see the business from the outside.

What’s included?




This is an explorative and meaningful exercise which really gets you thinking as a Business Owner what your values are which cross between personal and professional.




Including an Organisational Chart and Roles and Responsibilities documents. The forms provided enable you to consider and outline what the current roles and responsibilities are for each member of the team and what they should be, or what you want them to be.




A detailed SWOT analysis is vital as a component of understanding your business. Using this tool will help you to dig into where your business is and how you can move forward.




This template helps you to understand your existing and potential customers by asking key questions about what they expect and how they currently perceive your business.




In this section we want you to ask someone to interview you about your business. This person will ask you the questions within the template, and using your answers you will understand how clear (or not) your brand messaging is.




The Business Timeline Strategy document is powerful in order to structure your plans for the business. There is also a plan for quarterly goals/projects and tasks to complete.




In this template we outline considerations for an elevator speech. This will guide you on how best to introduce yourself, get your point across, and ask to stay connected in the time it takes for an elevator journey.


Get Strategic Quick

Download our Get Strategic Quick guide and template pack directly from Etsy!


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