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Sixty-six Marketing Tricks

Valerie teams up with Laura Sarao, from Marketing Consultancy Foxx&Co, to bring you this one-off marketing special.

Help your clients break the habits formed over lockdown and give them the nudge they need to come back to your salon for their favourite treatments! 

Watch this two hour session at your own pace and learn how to create a 360 marketing strategy to fill up your columns with clients new and old by implementing these 66 easy marketing ideas.



Lunch-hour Lives

Introducing our new series of topical webinars with Valerie Delforge & Terri Irvin. Have a browse of what's coming up, and sign up to secure your space to tune in LIVE at lunchtime for just £25.

Salon Spa Experts Training Lunchhoure We

The Key To Consultations

14/10 @1pm

Join Valerie and Terri to learn how to perfect your Consultation to improve retail sales.

Bulletproof Your Future

21/10 @1pm

How to keep your mindset focussed and forward-looking during challenging times.

Get Online Ready

11/11 @1pm

Since news of another lockdown broke we are changing the programme to discuss best practise for keeping your business moving online.

How To Performance Manage

25/11 @1pm

Join Valerie and put an end to the struggle of working with difficult staff members.

Online Retail Training

Valerie and Terri Irvin (our International Retail Trainer) have created a series of online courses and modules to help transform the retail culture in your business.


Discover what's available and implement all their tried and tested tools and techniques in your salon today! 

Explore Our Covid-19 Resources

Time Management with BABTAC

Valerie shares some of her strategies to get the most from your day, now, while you are at home, as well as when your business re-opens.

The C* Word​

Join Valerie in this video tutorial as she talks through TWO key factors we need to think about immediately to navigate this challenging time that our spa and salon businesses are going through.

Thrive During Lockdown With Timely ​

In this talk, Valerie covers off her 5 key points (Budget, Leadership, Reception, Marketing, Retail) for helping salon and business owners understand what to do and what to focus on during this lockdown period.

Manager Checklist

Free Daily Checklist to help you stay on top of your business.

Hygiene Policy

Free Hygiene Policy download to form a crucial part of your SOP.

Staff Rota

Top 10 tips for an efficient staff rota that will drive productivity in your salon.

10 Salon Mistakes

The top 10 most common salon mistakes that hurt your bottom line

Complimentary Consultations

Book in for a complimentary 15 minute phone call with Valerie Delforge to discuss your current challenges and find the right support for you. 

Past Courses

Stock Control Group Coaching

Your Stock Control is an all too often overlooked element of your salon that can have serious knock-on effects to the rest of your business - most importantly to your budget.

Implement Valerie's tried and tested techniques for optimal management of your stock in order to take back control, create strong procedures, and watch dramatic improvement to your bottom line.

This 4-part course is live with Valerie Delforge coaching you through. It will take place every Tuesday for 4 weeks from 15th September. 

Part 1:
Consultations That Convert

June 22nd At 2pm
Successful retail begins

with a strong customer consultation.

Part 2:
5 Star Customer Journey

June 24th At 2pm
With strong customer care selling becomes second nature.

Part 3:
Master Your Mindset

June 26th At 2pm
Retail is all about mindset: consistency and confidence to keep going.

Part 4:
Taking Retail Online

June 29th At 2pm
Keep up the momentum of online engagement since lockdown.

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