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1-1 Coaching

We are passionate about coaching, becoming your trusted adviser and enabling you as a business owner to benefit from our experience

and support.

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We are passionate about coaching; becoming your trusted adviser and enabling you as a business owner to benefit from our experience and support.


Our 1-1 Coaching acts as a sounding board so you feel less solitary, and provides monthly guidance on important aspects of ownership such as mindset, accountability, budget and leadership to keep you on track month to month. In addition, we have created a multitude of tools and documents to support you throughout your journey, and once we have identified the areas you need most support, we will teach you the systems to you need and how to make them work for your business so you can continue to utilise them with or without us. We will also create bespoke strategies to support your growth and personalise everything we do.


Whether you have completed one of our focused programmes/business analysis or not, we can provide the guiding hand that helps you navigate through the journey of growth. It always helps to talk to someone who knows what you’re going through, and with our shared experience and expertise at The Delforge Group®, we are committed to helping you find the right path to move forwards.


We can also support launches and new openings. With so many aspects of the business to consider, opening a new salon, spa or clinic can be daunting. The main challenge is to ensure that the margins are strong to attain profitability as quickly as possible. With the support of The Delforge Group® you can be sure that every area will have been considered to ensure a successful opening.



1-1 Coaching

Book a free consultation to discuss your requirements 

1.5 hours of 1-1 coaching per month


3 hours of 1-1 coaching per month

In-person or remote options offered

Direct WhatsApp chat  

Access to private Facebook group

Unlimited access to our library of downloads, articles and tools with new files added monthly.

Monthly Online Group Coaching Call

You will also gain access to our exclusive monthly online group coaching call with Valerie and Amy. Join us on the first Thursday of each month for a one-hour, interactive coaching session featuring expert guests, along with a Q&A and breakout room discussion segments. If you can’t make it on the day, don’t worry, as with your subscription you will be sent the full recorded video to watch at your leisure.

Chat Topics

Some of the subjects we will tackle on our monthly coaching call  are:


  • Current situations, recession, cost of living…

  • Mindset

  • Leadership

  • Team Management

  • Quick-fire questions

  • Dealing with difficulties

  • Marketing strategy

  • Your timeline and balance

  • Incentive ideas

  • How to take a step back from the business


Here's just a few of our downloads that you'll have unlimited access to;

  • Strategy Planner

  • Time Management Course

  • Express Budget Course

  • Marketing Planner

  • Cost Per Treatment Form

  • Job Descriptions and Job Adverts

  • Target Clients

  • Staff Wellness Formula

  • Key Blogs

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Have you downloaded our free guide? 

How to Launch a New Brand, Product or Treatment

in a Salon or Clinic

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