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Online Courses

How it works?

Our online training courses are designed to give you access to the knowledge and experience of our Expert Coaches from the comfort of your own home or office, wherever you are in the world, at a fraction of the price of 1-2-1 coaching.

Expand your knowledge, hone your skills, and grow your business at your own pace by following our in-depth courses compiled by Valerie Delforge, Amy Gordon, and our team of Delforge Coaches.

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The Stock Control Course

This immersive course was created to show you how to get your Stock under control, increase cashflow, and drive the profitability of your business.

Your Stock Control is an all too often overlooked element of your salon that can have serious knock-on effects to the rest of your business - most importantly to your budget.

Learn to adapt and implement Valerie Delforge's tried and tested techniques for optimal management of your stock in order to take back control, create strong procedures, and watch your bottom line improve dramatically.

This course is made up of 12 step-by-step modules to be completed at your own pace. Expect a mixture of webinars, worksheets, quizzes, and procedures.

The course in total is 4 hours split over 12 bitesize modules.

The Ultimate Leadership Course

Learn the 7 pillars of effective leadership in this immersive online course, brought to you by Valerie Delforge.


Created for owners or managers ready to take the next step, you'll learn how to implement process-driven operations, how to give your business solid foundations, and how to empower staff and keep clients coming back.


The course consists of 14 modules to study at your own pace with 7hrs of video tutorials. It also includes a number of downloads and worksheets to be completed in your own time.

Evolve from Manager to LEADER with this transformational course!

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Online Leadeship Training
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