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Less Is More

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

What does this even mean? We hear this saying used in many scenarios in life, however It resonates with me wholeheartedly when being the owner of a salon/clinic/spa.

I see all too often treatment menus drowned with lists of ‘you can have this with this or this with that’ . It's confusing, it’s off putting and I personally feel as a client coming into a business it makes it difficult to know what to choose.

I believe all businesses should have their niche, something they focus on, something they are well known for and then the treatments should be built out from that in addition to complementing this.

Of course there are businesses out there that work with offering a little bit of this and that and for the right market that’s fine, however if you want to build a name, brand and a reputation for yourself then less is more I believe so focus on what you are really good at and build a strong and readable treatment list that flows well and the client can read and make decisions based on it easily.

In addition with this in mind, I think as creative business owners we get carried away at times on wanting the next thing that's launched or having what someones got down the road as we feel if we don’t then we are not keeping up with the industry and maybe even becoming boring.

I do feel we are too often too critical of ourselves and what we do and if we are feeling like this then we should be asking what the clients want and is there anything we don’t offer that they feel they would want to see in the future. A great idea is to have a focus group with your top clients, invite them in for a croissant and coffee morning and ask them for open and honest feedback in exchange for a free mini treatment or whatever you feel you want to give.

Just remember before you buy that next machine or add on that next treatment, take time, look at your numbers, think about who you're doing this for, do your research and ask the questions. No doubt you are enough as you are for the time being and working on your marketing and team training will push your figures up without investment.

Amy x

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