Recruitment Services

Career opportunities and placing industry experts via The Delforge Network

Recruitment Services

Over the years we have established a strong network of incredible talent within the beauty, spa and wellbeing industry.


Whether you're looking for the perfect hire for your spa, salon or office team - or you're interested to see what job opportunities are out there for you - or you just need support to put your own recruitment procedures in place, we can help.

Browse our services below and click the Enquire button to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Recruitment Experts Beauty Salon Industry UK

I was extremely impressed and satisfied with the help that I received from Delforge Recruitment.  They went above and beyond what I expected or have experienced in the past, and communicated with me every step of the way no matter what day or time it was. Ultimately we found the perfect employee! I would recommend Delforge Recruitment and would definitely be my first go to choice in the future. 

-Helen, Employer

Looking To Hire?

Option 1 : 360 Recruitment

At The Delforge Group® we know the industry inside out, so we understand who you are looking for, and know exactly where to find them.  Our aim is to support you in creating your dream-team and to help keep your costs to a minimum while you do it.


With the Recruitment 360 Service we will take care of the entire recruitment process, from writing the job spec at the start, to managing all contractual paperwork at the end for your new employee!

Option 2 : Screening Service

We have put this service in place as the ultimate time-saver. How many times have you posted a job advert to then receive hundreds of CVs you don't possibly have the time to look through?!

With this service we will take the mountain of CVs you've received, carefully vet them all, and following a series of phone interviews, provide you with a shortlist of hand-selected candidates to suit your brief.

Enquire below to find out more about how it all works and associated costs.

Recruitment Procedure Salon Spa Business Recruiter Specialist Beauty
Recruitment Experts Beauty Salon Industry UK

The Delforge Group® got in touch with me about a job offer that I applied for online. From the first phone call, I felt they really connected with me, explaining about the job on offer,  and really listening to me on what I was after. Following our initial consultation, they were great in setting up the interview, and so helpful in getting me prepped for the interview, as they can always be a bit daunting. They spent time going over questions they may ask me, and advised me on precise ways to get my answers across, which was such a big help. Then for the second interview they supported me all the way, and advised me to put together a SWOT Analysis. It made me learn more about the company and pushed me to take it a step further. I couldn’t thank them enough for all their help, and I’ll definitely be recommending friends, as well as keeping their details to turn too if I need any help in the future. 

- Genevieve, Candidate

Recruitment Procedure Salon Spa Business Recruiter Specialist Beauty

Looking For Your Dream Job?

Whether you know exactly the kind of role you're after, or simply want to chat to an industry expert to help define what your perfect job would be, The Delforge Group® can help.

We will have an initial chat with you to work out exactly what you want, and from there we will reach out to our network to help find you a placement in a business that suits you and your unique skill-set. 

Simply click the button below to send us an email and attach your CV.

Recruitment Experts Beauty Salon Industry UK

I had the pleasure of dealing with The Delforge Group® for a recent job interview. I have to say that they were so friendly, knowledgeable and incredibly professional throughout. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They were so helpful and went out of their way to ensure that my interview was as prepared as it could have been.

- Jules, Candidate

Recruitment Procedures

If you're keen to keep recruitment in-house and manage it yourself, but you could do with some guidance on best practice and procedures to follow to ensure you are hiring the right team member, this online training module is for you.

The journey to staff loyalty, dedication and leadership starts from the moment the candidate first reads your job advert. Ensure that you make the right impression throughout the recruitment process, to your new recruit's first day, to their probation review and beyond. It's the only way to set them and your business up for longterm success.

In this module you'll have access to a 1 hour training webinar with Valerie Delforge, and all forms, letters and documents you need for a smooth recruitment procedure.

Recruitment Procedure Salon Spa Business