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What is an SIR?

Having a wealth of knowledge in the industry and understanding what it takes to create the perfect salon environment, the benefits of a personal visit are untold. We have created the SIR in order to fully evaluate your business on an operational level, the structure, marketing, retail and to delve into the day to day runnings so we can get a clear picture of how the business is operating and determine the core of your business success.

How it works?

On its own, the visit will take 2-3 hours to complete. Out of hundreds areas of the business that we are reviewing, Amy Gordon will use our scoring system to  create a comprehensive report which you will have access to within the weeks that follow her meeting at your salon.


We will be detailing exactly what to do next as well as a plan of action for the year ahead created from the results of the SRI. It will give you a strong and clear direction and allow you to understand where your business needs attention. 

This service can be added as part of a Business Audit or taken separately, we can discuss which option will work for you and your business best in one a free Discovery Call.

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Salon Inspection Report

Business Owner

Is It Right For Me?

The SIR is ideal for any business owners who need a clearer direction and quite simply support in order to take control of their business and develop areas within it. Sometimes when we are in the thick of things we need a pair of eyes that are not emotionally involved to help with perspective and a visit from business coaches that have over 50 years of combined experience will give you this.

Enquire Now

Keen to find out more and discuss costs? Either send us an email to OR call us on 0808 1754572.

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