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Why would I need a coach?

We believe that everyone needs a coach, a mentor, at some point in their journey, someone to support you along the way even if you are in a partnership. Even a coach needs a coach!


Running a business can leave you being blinkered to what is really happening and although you may know what is needed it can be hard to put this in place. 


Having a coach can help you to take a step back, to look at your business with fresh analytical eyes; how is it operating, who does what, how do you manage what you do, are you working efficiently for your business? A coach also provides you with someone to offload to and bounce ideas off, and they'll also hold you accountable to your plans, helping you to put them into a logical and workable order so that your focus is exactly where it needs to be.

What's included in a membership?

Delforge Membership is ideal for keeping yourself accountable, and being supported on a month-to-month basis with an on-hand experienced coach to help you grow your business. 

Our aim is to look at the areas of your business that will increase your profitability, work on your structure and create systems that are reliant only on strong procedures. By measuring your business success through KPIs, costs, stock management and staff profitability we will create a plan that is completely bespoke to your needs at the time. We will keep you focused and engaged with that plan, whilst also promoting a work-life balance.

I’ve had coaches before but haven’t found it worked that well - how is this different?

We believe our approach to coaching is somewhat different to others. We have a team of expert coaches who have experience in all areas of business from owning an award-winning clinic to managing a team of over 150 employees for major leading brands in the industry.


We thrive on one-to-one work with our members and clients, we believe that you need that level of interaction to get the most out of your coaching experience.


With out own experience we have created a coaching culture that goes beyond simply telling you what to do and giving you the paperwork to complete; instead we engage and motivate you, we want to see and support your success, and our approach is personal and warm with a true desire to see the journey through with you.

What are The Delforge 5?







These five pillars form the heart of your business. Valerie Delforge created 'The Delforge 5' having led many businesses to success by implementing key strategies within each area.


Your business will thrive with: strong leadership, a thorough understanding of your numbers, a smooth reception and customer service, a retail culture that maximises every opportunity for additional revenue, and strong marketing on top. 


Our one-to-one coaching helps you to implement key systems developed over many years by our expert coaches. We help you with the tools and teach you how to run the business long term so you can move forward without the business relying solely on you. 

Do I have to be a member to be involved with The Delforge Group?

We open our coaching to everyone! More often than not, our clients like to become members once they have experienced other services with us so that they can continue to benefit from our advice and expertise long-term. However we also see many clients for one-off services such as mentoring or retail coaching.

Is all your coaching one-to-one?

We work on a one-to-one basis with all owners as this is the most effective and personal way in which to work. In addition we offer Group Coaching for our owners' teams in areas such as Retail, Reception and Management so that alongside supporting you as an owner, we can also help to develop your team to create a strong and effective environment.

Can I just use your tools without having coaching?

Of course! We are amenable to every budget, so if you just need one thing then ask. It's not a one size fits all or an off-the-shelf coaching approach, we can be as little or as much involved as you want. If it is a simple document you are missing or just don’t know what you need for an operational aspect of your business then we can help - just get in touch!

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