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Wellness & Mindfulness

Supporting you to master your mindset as a leader

Wellness & Mindfulness

Managing you mindset has always been an inherent part of what Valerie Delforge does, and over the years she and her team have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful and inspirational people who can support you in becoming the master of your mindset; a crucial attribute for every business leader.

Self-care and preservation as a leader are key to leading effectively, and supporting your team and business with the strength it needs.

Explore below some of our favourite resources to support your mindset, as well as highly recommended experts and practitioners.


Recommended Resources

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Valerie Delforge

International Business Consultant

1 Minute Mindset: A Holistic Approach To Leadership. Follow these 14 simple steps and take control of your mindset to become a better leader. Discover more.

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Simon Sinek

Best-selling Author

To inspire people to do the things that inspire them so that, together, each of us can change our world for the better...

Discover more.

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Jaime Masters

Eventual Millionaire

Business coach, author, and professional speaker Jaime Masters hosts interviews with inspirational business leaders.

 Discover more.

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Trevor Moawad

Mindset Expert

Named the "World's Best Sports Brain Trainer" Trevor shares life-changing mindset tips in this short inspirational video.

 Discover more.

Expert Practitioners

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Kate Stuart

Restore & re-balance your nervous-system. Recover from symptoms relating to anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, and more.

Discover more.

Cranio-Sacral Therapist

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Elizabeth Caroline

Mindfulness Coach

Elizabeth Caroline is an ordained lay Zen Buddhist, spa owner and qualified energy  healer who runs transformative mindfulness courses. Discover more.

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Terri Irvin

Antenatal Hypnobirthing Expert

In 2015 our Head Of Training, Terri Irvin, became a mother for the first time! This was to be the most fundamental transition in her life that carved a path for the future. Discover more.

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Kate Burrows

Sand, Sea & Spa Retreats Founder

Based at the Saunton Sands luxury hotel overlooking miles of pristine beach, you’ll be looked after by Kate and her team of experts who’ll get you feeling your absolute best! Discover More.

Must-Read Books

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Eat That Frog

Get More Of The Important

Things Done Today

Discover more.

Brian Tracy


How To Win Friends & Influence People

Dale Carnegie

Practical advice and techniques to reach your potential as a leader. Discover more.

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Drop The Pink Elephant

Bill McFarlan

How to avoid the deadly trap of allowing poor communication skills to obscure your meaning. Discover more.

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