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Your success is our mission.

About The Delforge Group®

At The Delforge Group®, we provide both 1-1 coaching and consultancy, including a diverse range of personalised, memberships, programmes, roadshows, business retreats and a community of like-minded individuals. All with the aim to guide our clients through the pitfalls and challenges of entrepreneurship - and ultimately towards successful outcomes. Our Coaching is tailored for leaders and teams to excel in the Spa, Hair & Beauty, and Aesthetic industries - from large corporations to independents.


Our leading international business coaches Valerie Delforge and Amy Gordon have leveraged decades of combined knowledge and understanding of what it takes to be successful as a business owner to create our innovation-led one-to-one programmes. We adopt a personalised approach to coaching, which is both adaptable and constantly evolving, and is founded upon listening to and identifying the needs of our clients - a quality we believe gives us the edge over the other coaching platforms available.


Our reputation has been built upon our success in working with and transforming burned-out, exhausted leaders who have reached an impasse and need to re-evaluate their business. We also work to empower not only leaders, but the teams behind them in all areas of the business by growing individual roles and developing a strong team culture.


We look forward to working with you to help unlock your true potential as a business owner or leader.


Your success is our mission.

Delforge Method Programmes


Business Analysis 

Our bestselling service - a full analysis of your business financials and action plan

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Power Hour

A one-off 60 minute session for when you need quick guidance on any subject



Our Delforge Method Programmes combine online learning and 1-1 coaching

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