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Delforge Power Hour
High Impact. Low Investment. No long-term commitment.


Do you need quick advice on a particular topic, project or issue?

The Delforge Power Hour is one 60-minute zoom session of pure Q&A and guidance giving from either Valerie Delforge or Amy Gordon just for you and your business. You tell them the areas you need help with and ask all your questions, and they'll give you the answers.

  • Do you think you’ve nailed working out staff commissions but just want to run it by another person?

  • You could be feeling burnt-out and need a boost of motivation and some reassurance you are making the right decisions?

  • Maybe your business has grown recently and you need advice on how to set targets or put procedures in place?

  • You could even be on the verge of buying a new machine but want to sense check the numbers with someone.

There's no subject too big or small for your power hour

How does it work?

Purchase your Power Hour here. You can then book your hour directly in our calendars at a time that suits you - you'll usually be able to secure an hour with us within one or two working days. 

We strongly advise you to do a little prep before your Power Hour - think about what you need help with and write down all the questions you want to ask to make sure your 60 minutes is used efficiently.

Power Hour's can't be split into shorter sessions and in the interest of time management (practice what you preach) we are strict with sticking to the one hour that is booked. You can book as many Power Hour's as you need, although if you think you'll need more than one a month we'd suggest you look at our 1-2-1 Elite Coaching packages. 


Delforge Power Hour

No consultation necessary just click the button to purchase and book your power hour


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Christmas in July

Jumpstart your holiday success with our "Christmas in July" ideas and checklist. Free to download today!

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