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Business Analysis

Business Analysis

The Business Analysis is by far our most sought after service we offer with most consultations resulting in this being most needed prior to anything else.


Although to begin with you may be contacting us because you are needing clarity in your business or are thriving and want to step away but don't know how or struggling and can’t see how, why or what to do then the analysis is a light bulb moment where everything becomes clear and we can move forward from there.


Within the analysis we will look back at your financials, KPI’s & Monthly Budget. We analyse your treatment menu, looking at profit margins and areas of potential growth. We then move on to the business structure, this can tell us a lot about the operations of the business and how you are functioning as an owner, then analysing the staff, rota’s and the cost against their performance.


Everything we do is personalised to you so although this analysis is what we do with most clients, each one is individual and we go where we need to with each and every client. Within our discussions we will get to know you and what you really need/want from your business and our aim is to give you the clarity you need to make the decisions.

''I loved the business analysis course.

Lots of 1 to 1 time to really delve deep into my business. It made it very targeted and personal and I felt really listened to. I now have an action plan for the coming months and am more informed about my profit and loss sheets than ever before.

Thank you Valerie and Amy, I look forward to working
with you going forwards.''

- Karen Caseidi, Body Revive Salon

Beauty Salon Business Coaching Valerie Delforge

Who's it for?

Owners, CEOs or Senior Managers with existing businesses looking for a personalised approach to help significantly improve performance, increase profitability and understanding of the business.

Paperwork financial analysis for spa salon

How Do I Sign Up?

As we pride ourselves in offering a truly personalised experience, we recommend booking a free no obligation 30-minute consultation with us here. However, if you've read all the information and your ready to go, just hit the contact us button below and we'll be in touch to get you started.

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The Result

Complete clarity and a strong understanding of the financials of your business. Helping you feel confident in running your business and decision-making. You'll be able to move forward and achieve goals with conviction and a clear plan of action for the key areas.

Business Analysis 


Understanding and analysing your business like never before.

The Details

ONLINE - 5 hours online 1-1 coaching

A private WhatsApp group With Valerie & Amy

Unsure what's best for your business?

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