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I'd Rather Do It Myself

By Valerie Delforge

We’re delighted to announce that Valerie Delforge, International Business Strategy Consultant and Founder of The Delforge Group, has published her first book!

Valerie’s debut book is called I’d Rather Do It Myself - from Management to Leadership, and is focused on one of the core obstacles that stand in the way of success for so many of our clients: Micromanagement.


In the book Valerie not only gives you the tools and systems to adopt, but has so many stories to share that relate to what you might have felt at some point in your career, or are going through tight now. Witty, and full of wisdom, Valerie has created two fictional micromanagers (based on real life experiences!), named Mark and Marie, to highlight the classic examples of micromanagement, and provide the solutions to overcome this concerning trait.

Why Micromanagement? 


With the economic downturn and the constant rise of costs, the worrying recruitment situation, as well as trying to remain calm and competitive when it comes to engaging the customers and teams, the business owner is constantly challenged. This leads to a strong feeling of vulnerability and uncertainty. Enter micromanagement, because you know what? 


I’d rather do it myself.

"My aim is that by the end of the book, you have the tools to be able to apply to your situation, whatever it

may be."



Micromanagement has always been an issue but has recently become the centre point of Valerie’s coaching, since it’s so difficult to let go and delegate when everything seems to be crumbling around you. Adding to the mix a huge shift in the willingness to work - from the managers to the workforce, managing a team can be hugely stressful and challenging for anyone’s mindset.


Valerie’s point is clear: the success of any business is down to its leader, systems and structure that allows leadership to flourish. Having been the Head of Operations for Steiner UK in her last role, amongst other relevant skill sets she has learnt throughout the years, her mind is geared towards creating a clear business strategy which allows the owner to trust what they have built. From that, the owner's role changes to become strategic to generate the growth of the business. 


So as far as Valerie is concerned, micromanagement is the opposite of leadership and discovering the soft skills to adopt becomes essential for any business owner. 


This book will leave you feeling ready to revisit your way of working and create a strong sense of direction in your business.


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