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Founded in 2012, Huckle The Barber has been recognised as one of London's leading independent barber shops, a non-pretentious setting offering traditional services with a refreshing, modern feel and a forward thinking attitude.

"Valerie has been a key part of me surviving the pandemic. The first half of it, I was pacing up and down the hallway in lockdown wondering where the hell we were going to end up. Like every salon owner, I felt like the carpet had been whipped out from under me and didn't know where I was going to land. I decided, as I had a lot of time on my hands I could focus on the things in my business that needed attention. Valerie has helped me structure the back end of the business that I always took for granted. Now I know how to budget, plan, look at trends, market both my shops and structure the business so that my team now knows that I am in control and we have a plan for the future.

- Chris Ward, Owner and Founder Huckle the Barber

Salon and Spa Coach Consultant.png

The Place Salon & Spa in Steinhausen, Switzerland, on the banks of the picturesque Lake Zug has always aimed to be more than a Salon & Spa, Michelle and her team deliver a truly memorable and unique experience to each of their clients.

"Working with the Delforge Group® is hands down the best decision I have made professionally in a long time. I love that I have my own personal coach who is my biggest cheerleader and supporter but also keeps me accountable and ensures I always follow through. I recommend it to anyone wanting to take their business to the next level. Maybe you have the ideas but Valerie has the know how."

- Michelle Tanner, Owner and Founder The Place Salon & Spa

Spa salon interior coaching client
Spa Salon Business Experts and Consultants
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Jolene Rees and her award winning clinic; Innovations Advanced Skincare & Beauty based in Stockton-On-Tees' town centre.

"I love Valerie's expertise in leadership, she has taught me to be a better manager and leader, helped to develop me personally into the business owner I am today. She guides with a wealth of experience alongside her knowledgeable team."

- Jolene Rees, Owner and Founder Innovations Advanced Skincare and Beauty

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Gabriella Chamberlain; beauty & skincare expert and owner of the stunning Essential Beauty Salon & Spa, situated in the Little Chelsea area of Eastbourne.

"The support from both Valerie and the team and the other members of the Delforge Group® is unparalleled. As a business owner, you face many challenges, but with the Delforge Group® you are never alone. It’s so helpful to be able to share these challenges, hear from others with experience and make a plan to overcome whatever challenge you might be faced with."

- Gabriella Chamberlain, Owner and Founder Essential Beauty Salon

Revas Spa beauty salon training client
Revas Spa Logo.png

The stunning Revas Spa found in the most picturesque surroundings of Adare, Co Limerick.

"The support offered by Valerie and the team is second to none, we have blossomed as people and managers since 2018 when we were first introduced."

- Rebecca White, Spa Director Revas Spa


Founded by Carla Pasco Jones, a tranquil Bodhi Tree Spa is located in the beautiful countryside of Chalfont St Peter village in Buckinghamshire.

"Valerie's no-nonsense approach, being super supportive, empathetic and all with a fabulous, naughty sense of humour! Her expertise and knowledge is second to none. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Delforge Group as the advice has grown our bottom line exponentially."

- Carla Pasco Jones, Owner and Founder Bodhi Tree Spa

Bodhi Tree Spa salon coaching client

The award winning Aquavie Boutique Spa, the first far eastern themed spa in Tonbridge High Street. Founded back in 2008 by one of the UK’s leading facialists and holistic therapists, our member, Elizabeth Caroline.

"I love the honest support that Valerie and the team provide. Valerie gets you thinking out of the box. She motivates you to look at everything you are doing with microscopic detail. She highlights where you are preventing growth within your business. But most of all it's her ethos and integrity I love, she genuinely has this deep rooted desire to help all of her clients be the best version of themselves."

- Elizabeth Caroline, Spa Director, Aquavie Spa


Rachel Curran, founder and owner of the gorgeous destination brow bar, iBrow in Cork.

"Valerie Delforge has been a huge inspiration over the past two years. She has taught me a lot of things about how to lead and has definitely influenced my personal development hugely.  What you love about being a Delforge Member? I 100% recommend being a Delforge Member. Running a business is the hardest thing you will do. You will try save money all the time at the start. Invest in having a mentor or support as it’s the best money you will spend in your business and you will thrive."

- Rachel Curran, Director and Founder, iBrow

Hair Salon Business Coaching client

The Shoreditch Spa is a personal boutique spa in the heart of Shoreditch, East London.

'' We decided to start working with The Delforge Group® two years ago to help take us take the business to the next level. We worked on a variety of things, such as management processes, leadership skills, team management and targets. We meet our targets every month and this has allowed us to keep the business thriving.''

Marisella, Manager, The Shoreditch Spa


La Femme Beauty Salon is a Clarins Gold Salon in Farnham, Surrey.

'' I've been working with The Delforge Group® since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. In our initial consultation I instantly clicked with everything Valerie said, it all resonated with me and I just knew I had to work with her. We started with a financial business analysis to get an insight into how my business was running which really helped to improve the profitability of my business.''

-Sam, Director and Founder, La Femme Beauty Salon


Serenity is a modern high-street clinic located in the heart of Poynton is designed to combine beauty, relaxation and sophisticated rejuvenation

'' I've been working with The Delforge Group® since 2019. I wanted to have a better understanding of the management structure and I wanted to learn more about leadership. I've seen huge improvements in a variety of elements such as work-life balance, I've recruited a manager and receptionist, better profits and just generally I feel much more relaxed as a business owner. Now I really enjoy working on the business, rather than in it, so I can drive it forward from a different angle.''

- Nicola, Owner, Serenity

Valerie is an asset to any business. A wealth of knowledge from spa management, operations and training to retail environments and sales driving, any business who has the pleasure to work with Valerie will see impressive results. 

- Chris Lok, L’Occitane Regional Manager

Working with Valerie at any opportunity is a privilege, and I would highly recommend her to any business or individual who is looking for assistance to develop, grown and achieve their goals. 

- Katherine Connolly, CEO Anne Semonin

Meeting Valerie was a defining moment in my professional career. Her knowledge, insight and integrity is second to none. She delivers exactly as promised and guides Business Owners to increase the bottom line.

⁃ Tamsin Noyes, Spa Director at Spa Verta

I took on Valerie for my business audit and found that I couldn't let her go. I decided to continue with her coaching membership as it is a great support and helps me to focus on my business like
never before.

- Susan, Owner at Mary Handy - UK

Copy of Podia Header Images-7.png

I left with strategies that will be implemented into my mobile therapy business to better myself and stand out from the rest. Thank you Valerie.

- Lisa Marie Farag - Beauty By Lisa

Valerie is inspiring, friendly, motivational, highly experienced and above all a great person to talk to that really understands. I can not recommend Valerie highly enough,she is amazing!

- Nicola - Owner at Serenity - UK

toa-heftiba-GLl6_-L3fxM-unsplash (1).jpg

Valerie not only didn't disappoint, but exceeded our expectations. There aren't any areas of the business which haven't been put under the microscope; dissected, reviewed and analysed.  

- Sarah from the Bodhi Tree Spa

Personality is so important to us too, so working with someone we resonated with was crucial. Valerie is not just super professional but delivers her advice with humour, passion, caring and above all else, complete professionalism. 

- Carla from the Bodhi Tree Spa

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