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Why would I need a coach?

We believe that everyone needs a coach, a mentor, at some point in their journey, someone to support you along the way even if you are in a partnership. Even a coach needs a coach!


Running a business can leave you being blinkered to what is really happening and although you may know what is needed it can be hard to put this in place. 


Having a coach can help you to take a step back, to look at your business with fresh analytical eyes; how is it operating, who does what, how do you manage what you do, are you working efficiently for your business? A coach also provides you with someone to offload to and bounce ideas off, and they'll also hold you accountable to your plans, helping you to put them into a logical and workable order so that your focus is exactly where it needs to be.

How do the programmes work?

Our programmes have been created with the process in mind of retaining our renowned 1-2-1 coaching methods alongside online training.


We have Programmes focused towards Owners, Managers, Reception teams and Retail Culture. There are also dedicated programmes for Owners with and without teams.


The programs are set out in parts. Each part takes an area of importance within that role and delivers online training and tools for you to keep and utilise followed by a 1-2-1 coaching session.


In addition throughout your programme you will have direct access to the coaches so any questions you have can be answered without waiting for your 1-2-1 call.


All coaching calls will be carried out via Zoom and each programme finishes with a call to round off the program and ensure you have all you need from it.

I’ve had coaches before but haven’t found it worked that well - how is this different?

We believe our approach to coaching is somewhat different to others. We have a team of expert coaches who have experience in all areas of business from owning an award-winning clinic to managing a team of over 150 employees for major leading brands in the industry.


We thrive on one-to-one work with our members and clients, we believe that you need that level of interaction to get the most out of your coaching experience.


With our own experience we have created a coaching culture that goes beyond simply telling you what to do and giving you the paperwork to complete; instead we engage and motivate you, we want to see and support your success, and our approach is personal and warm with a true desire to see the journey through with you.

Why can't I purchase a programme online?

We always start any coaching whether that be via our programmes or our 1-2-1 Elite Coaching with a free consultation so we can truly understand your needs and ensure you are signing up to the right programme that will best serve your needs.

What are the options once I finish my programme?

There are a few options available to you depending on your wants/needs and budget. However if you have all you need from the programme you have completed then these are just options and you will not be tied in to anything additional


  • Continue on to another programme if you/we feel this would be beneficial for you.

  • Sign up to our 1-2-1 Elite Coaching where you will have options of how much coaching you would like a month. These coaching sessions provide you with that personal approach which will be bespoke to your needs, whether that coaching on mindset, leadership and simply the need for a critical friend and an ear to bend or accountability for your figures, budgeting, strategy and planning.

Am I tied into anything once I sign up?

Quite simply, no. With our 1-2-1 coaching, we recommend a minimum of three months to understand your needs and give you the support you need, whilst providing you with ongoing tools and a strategy to move forward alone. With that said, we have clients who have been with us for years, as that regular support and an overview of the business are crucial. It can be lonely at the top and mindset plays a huge part in how you operate. Alongside that it brings accountability on the budget side of things, support with the team and any issues you are having, supporting managers if needed and any areas of the business that require focus and work to maintain continued growth and the ability to work on the business rather than in it.

Are your programmes personalised to me?

The programmes are personalised as they compromise of online training but also 1-1 coaching. The 1-1 coaching is tailored to your needs, as we will discuss you and your business specifically. Each programme has a specific outcome, whether that be to understand the financials of your business more, or to enhance your leadership skills but it's always tailored to you, we believe there isn't such a thing as one-size-fits-all in our industry.

Can I just have some advice?

If you just need help and advice, rather than having a specific outcome in mind, you can secure monthly coaching calls or just a one-off coaching call with us. We would suggest booking in a free consultation so we can discuss the options with you.

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