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Join Us Weekly on the
Inside Chat Podcast and YouTube Channel

The go-to channel for business owners in the spa, salon, hair and aesthetics industry.
Every Monday, join Valerie and Amy as they discuss the questions they get on a regular basis from members, in an honest, open and frank chat.

Inside Chat is a Podcast and YouTube channel created by Valerie Delforge and Amy Gordon, experts in the field of Business Coaching for Spa, Hair & Beauty, and Aesthetic Business Owners.


Having built highly successful businesses themselves and experienced the highs and lows of the every-day life of being an owner, Valerie and Amy are able to resonate with all the feelings that come with the sometimes thankless task of running a business.


Specialising in the field of beauty, hair and aesthetics, they have also worked with industries such as clothing brands, coffee shops and anyone with operational structure delivering service to clients.


Picking up and dusting off burnt out leaders is their speciality, and this is a subject that often arises on the Inside Chat Podcast and YouTube channel.


We also answer the questions put to us on a daily basis and answer from the heart, cutting out the generic, commercial, Instagram-friendly life-guidance and getting back to reality.


We aim to bring all owners together and provide everyone not only with inspiration and support, but with the tools needed to drive sustained success, encountering less stress and with the ultimate goal of achieving more freedom.   


We'll be here every two weeks, answering those questions from the heart to help you grow your business. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube and Podcast so you don't miss an episode.

Inside Chat

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