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HR & Personnel 

On top of the many challenges of running a business, we often see our clients struggling with the daunting prospect of having to deal with difficult and confusing HR issues.

We aim to help clarify the unknowns for business owners and managers, supporting you and reducing the fear factor that's often associated with dealing with personnel.

We've put together a list of services that cover the most commonly encountered issues, but with each individual case being so unique, you can also fill in our Enquiry Form below to share more of the specifics and see how we can help you come to a resolution.

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We had been worrying for weeks about what to do regarding an ongoing issue with an employee, not sure of the right course of action - both legally and in the best interest of the business. After just an hour consultation with Jon he was able to completely put our minds at rest and provide us with all the information we needed to resolve the problem once and for all. We've since had a Personnel Audit as well to make sure we don't run in to a similar problems again and feel much better knowing our contracts and policies are all in shipshape now! Would highly recommend to any business owner in a similar situation. Thanks so much, Jon!

- Stephen, Employer

Option 1 : Personnel Audit

​This detailed review conducted by our HR Expert Jonathan Back is a must-have for any business owner who isn't sure whether their current contracts, handbooks and policies are up to date and watertight. This service ensures that you have all the right foundations in place to help you avoid HR issues down the line and makes your requirements and expectations clear to every employee.

  • Review of Staff Contract of Employment, Staff Handbook & associated policies.

  • At the conclusion of the review, a written report back to the Client.

  • Report to include good practice & areas requiring improvement.

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Recruitment Procedure Salon Spa Business Recruiter Specialist Beauty

Option 2 : Individual Case Support

​If you're in the midst of any of the common HR issues listed below, do not worry - our Expert Jonathan Back is here and will help you come to a swift resolution so you can keep your time and focus elsewhere:

  • Conflicts

  • Employment issues

  • Case Reviews

  • Support for case management

  • Informal advice on redundancy

  • Support for capability issues

  • Conducting performance management or disciplinary meetings with action plan for staff member and owner

Project costs defined on a case by case basis. Complete the enquiry form below and we will get back to you with a quote and action plan.

Enquire Now

Keen to find out more and discuss costs? Send an email to, call us on 0808 1754572 or book your free discovery call here.

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