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Stop With Under-performers, You Can't Afford Them Anymore

This is not a new subject, I have written about before, but it has never rang so true with the looming staff costs rising yet again. 

It’s time to become more aggressive with your business decisions. 

We have been talking to owners since the beginning of this year who are looking at a 10, 15, £20,000 and upwards rise in staff costs and now you need to find solutions in how you are going to navigate this hurdle.  

You can overcome this.  It takes strategy and mindset to review the business in a different perspective and increase the revenue with a crystal clear focus on what you want to achieve, at least by the end of the year. 

Although there are quite a few buts… and although we have seen, since the pandemic, that teams that are smaller and more efficient in their productivity, there still seems to be under-performance that we accept, mainly due to the lack of recruitment. 

Somehow, certain behaviours are acceptable, even if we are not too sure about what their job role is we just let it pass because we need it or have always worked that way, the line gets blurry as to what we think of this staff member, it’s comfortable and their are at least answering a demand…

From what we have seen, there are 2 main types of owners at the moment: Victims of their own success and not knowing what to do next OR really struggling with cash flow and wondering how to pay their staff by the end of the month, never mind about April’s deadline…

So yes, the time is now: 

  • Review staff performance and create an individual plan of action to empower them

  • Review your rooms/chairs/stations occupancy and start becoming more strategic & creative  in what you could create instead of plodding along with the current business model

  • Refocus your energy on creating a team culture by investing time in it

  • Revisit your staff commission so it’s a win-win situation

  • Analyse your cost per treatment to strategically create a price increase that makes sense and streamline your offerings, sometimes less is more

  • Refocus on your structure so it works for you, sometimes it has to become more than a financial decision but as long as you are clear with your strategy, it will work in your favour. Leadership is about learning about the failures and tweaking what you believe would work. My question is: are you thriving in your work-life balance? If not, then the structure is the only way to answer what you truly want.

You simply cannot afford to have underperforming staff nor the staff members that do not adhere to your vision and brand culture, it’s simply time to refocus your business in what truly matters: YOU

Become the Leader that you truly want to be, it takes hard work and determination but you will absolutely create what you want, struggling or not, you’ve got this and are not alone, pick up the phone and talk to us, we are listening.

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