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The sale of Amy Gordon Skin clinic and beauty boutique

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Wow what a journey! What a fabulous 13 years in the making Amy Gordon has been, it has gone through 3 rebrands and changed from a lash company built in the back garden of my home to a Multi Award Winning Salon & Skin Clinic based over two beautiful grade listed buildings in Colchester, Essex. It truly has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done but equally one of the most challenging which I am sure will resonate with many Salon/Clinic/Spa owners.

Many business owners I meet especially in the Salon and Clinic sector have grown their businesses almost by accident and this is part of the reason I became a coach alongside Valerie Delforge as it can be lonely at the top, especially when you have evolved from a therapist to business owner without a business plan, budget or much structure in place. Now I have sold my clinic I have a desire to impart my knowledge and support onto other owners feeling the need for that someone or something to help.

When I met Valerie over 5 years ago I was in that place, doing well but with no structure or plan with wonderful ideas but no real idea of how to get there…. I had had business coaches before and although they would give me a million things to work on, there were no answers, no real follow up and I still felt alone. Meeting Valerie was a transformative step in my career as a salon/clinic owner, it helped me to clearly define what needed to be done and she held my hand along the way, seeing through her recommendations and how to implement certain things along with ideas and an outsider's viewpoint which was invaluable.

It's for this reason that 5 years on through the pandemic I contacted Valerie to see if I could work with her. I have an overwhelming desire to help and support owners who have been in my position or have smaller or larger businesses and teams that just need that structure, that support, that outside view, that critical friend that will listen and help you without the need for a business partner, someone who truly understands.

I am so happy to have developed my relationship with Valerie over the last couple of years to now be joining her as a Director and Business coach full time, something I am truly passionate about and something I feel so strongly to be able to empower others, to really support and develop owners and be that coach that understands and has answers and solutions to either support existing owners or launch new businesses or what I love the most, Business Takeovers where I can get a huge insight into the day to day running, what's working, what’s not and so much more.

I look upon Amy Gordon with a proud heart, over the 13 years it evolved into winning most recently Large Salon of the year & South East Salon of the Year with Professional Beauty and many more awards along the way as well as being recognised as one of the top Business women in Essex. Right up until before the sale I continued to drive and grow the business , most recently expanding and renovating the building next door to adjoin a beautiful new skin clinic to our already beautiful workplace.

My knowledge and experience I have built, working in High Tech corporate companies to owning Amy Gordon mean that I can now focus on taking other business owners to where they want to be in their working life as an owner and progression of their business.

Selling a business is no mean feat and I certainly learnt the hard way on this journey, understanding how much is needed to sell, I like to think I am now a dab hand so for any owners out there I have the experience to support also in exit strategies and sale preparation

What fills me with joy the most is my beautiful manager Emily has taken over. From 16 she worked with me and throughout the last 6 years we have developed her from therapist to FOH, to Manager and now Owner

I am incredibly proud of her and proud of what I have helped her to achieve in her career and will continue to support her as the owner of her own business and I look forward to her rebrand.

I, Amy Gordon will continue running a monthly Advanced Cosmetic Procedures Clinic within the clinic formerly known as Amy Gordon and you can also find me spending most of my time visiting other owners to empower both them and their teams to be the very best, with the structures, procedures and budgets in place through coaching either 1-2-1 or our renowned group sessions

Do get in touch if you have any questions.

Thanks so much for reading! If you would like to organise a call with Amy or any other member of the Delforge Group team, book your free consultation here.

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