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Retail Training Courses

Retail Culture

Retail Culture In-House


Creating and fostering an outstanding retail culture in the spa and salon industries can make a business stand head and shoulders above the rest, and guarantee success on a long-term basis. For these industries, the customer is the most important part of the retail equation.


We want to help you create a Retail Culture within your business, creating a fully optimised, customer-centric environment to encourage retail sales.


We focus on customer journey, creating brand loyalty and identity, cross-selling, merchandising and more in a programme developed for the benefit of every team member, from managers to therapists and receptionists. 

This training programme combines immersive in-person training with our International Retail and Mindset coach Terri Irvin

Salon Consultancy Services


Creating a Retail Culture within your business and a fully optimised, customer-centric environment to encourage retail sales. Our successful training methods are focused towards changing the mindset of the team and empower managers to drive them to success.

Online Retail Courses


- 30 minutes with Terri Irvin and                            manager/owner

- Tried and tested tool and techniques

- Full Day immersive group training at                 your location with Terri Irvin

- 1 hour follow up with Terri and                          manager/owner

- 45 days free access to Inside Chat

Retail Salon Expert Valerie Delforge

Who's it for?

From hairdressers to therapists as well as reception and other key members of the team. This training focuses teams on optimising sales with various types of clients.

Salon Business Coaching


Guided workbooks will be sent to your business prior to the training and the owner/manager will receive our much acclaimed ‘Tool Productivity Toolkit’

Service Salon Group for Retail

How Do I Sign Up?

As we pride ourselves in offering a truly personalised experience, the first step is to book a free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation with us here. Once we've discussed your requirements, we will send you all the information you need to purchase your perfect programme and how to get started. 

Business Coach For Salons

The Result

An efficient and confident team of sales experts that can convert any customer into a sale. Upselling and cross-selling become ingrained in your retail culture; your retail sales have never been stronger.

Change the way your team feels about retail sales forever

The Details

Retail Culture In-House


Approx. Time To Complete Programme - 1 day in house training (depending on size of team)

For Pricing Information Please Book a Consultation 

Other questions? Visit our FAQ page

“The culture, norms and practices of a workplace
has a huge impact on its success.”

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Unsure what's best for your business?


Watch Our Free Webinar!

Setting Your Target 

In our free webinar, you will gain a better understanding of how to navigate the complexities of managing your targets, your team, and your business. Also comes with a free download!

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