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Retail Roadshows

Designed to help you understand how to capitalise on retail opportunities within your salon, spa or aesthetics business.


Here at The Delforge Group®, we have been delivering successful retail sales training for hairdressers, therapists and reception teams over the course of many years. We have also taught numerous managers the methodology behind engaging their teams and creating a retail culture that runs through the business. We don’t want our teams to feel pressured into selling, we want it to become second nature - an organic process that naturally evolves as a core segment of the overall customer experience. The client should never feel ‘sold to’, but advised in the most empowering way possible.


Having worked with a number of international brands, and gathered a comprehensive understanding of the retail component of the industry over the past decade, Valerie Delforge and Terri Irvin continue to deliver impactful retail training sessions for teams, managers and owners - helping to make impressive, positive impacts on revenue generation for hundreds of businesses internationally.


But, they can always do more, and for that, they now invite you to join them for The Delforge Group® Retail Roadshow.


What to expect from the day?


·   Networking with like-minded individuals

·   Learn to identify buying signals

-   Create opportunities when there is none

-   Identify your ideal clients

-   Learn to sell to various types of clients

-   Upsell and cross-sell to generate customer loyalty

·   Lunch Included


Retail Roadshows


£150 - one person
£250 - two people

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20th March 2023 | 9 am - 5 pm | London | BUY NOW

27th March 2023: | 9 am - 5 pm | Dublin | BUY NOW

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