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Spa Operating Procedures

Your SOPs form the foundations of a smooth-running operation, ensuring that every area of the business has been considered and optimised. They are the go-to guide for every member of your business. 

To make the overwhelming job of creating this lengthy document much easier, use our Delforge Group® SOP Hub to download the sections you need support with.

These templates provide you with a comprehensive outline of all the elements you need to consider, and simply need adjusting to your specific requirements. 


Spa Operating Procedures

Explore the various SOP sections below

Part 1: Your Business

Define who you are as a business and what your mission statement is. This is crucial to ensure you know where you're going, and the rest of your team do too.

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Part 2: Business Operation

From Opening & Closing to Stock Procedure, this section covers all of the day to day runnings of your business.

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Part 3: HR

Your team is the most valuable asset your business has. Having the correct HR measures in place is crucial to their performance, staff retention, and your overall success.

Image by Lukas Blazek

Part 4: Team

All the procedures required for the smooth running of your reception area, as well as the training requirements of your service providers.

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Part 5: Health & Safety

Ensuring that your team is fully trained and following rigorous hygiene procedures is crucial to ensure their safety and the safety of your clients.

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Parts 1- 5

Includes every section, download, template and policy you will need to create an extensive and thorough SOP manual to set your business up for success.

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