Virtual Personal Assistant

The support you need to finally take a step back from the day-to-day operations of your spa or salon business

Virtual PA Services

Businesses have busy and quiet periods, meaning you may need assistance on an ad hoc basis. Whether you need help with a specific event or project, for a few hours each week, or on a more structured basis we are available to assist you as and when you need it.


As industry insiders, we know firsthand the importance of using a Virtual PA who will save you valuable time and money, reducing the need for a member of staff and who will fit seamlessly into your unique team and business.


Our aim is to provide an unbeatable experience for our clients, and we pride ourselves in building a long-standing relationship with you, since our goal is to support you in all areas of your business.

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I cannot recommend this service highly enough! Their knowledge of the industry coupled with her genuine care and passion for helping your business makes everything from start to finish clear, professional and impeccably managed. 

- Francesca, Owner Naked Hare Salon

Why Do I Need a Virtual PA?

Have a look at your ‘to do list’ for the coming week. Which of these tasks can only be done by you, and which ones could you outsource? What would you do with the extra time if these tasks were outsourced? Could you then focus more attention on your area of expertise - the areas that most likely prompted you to start your business in the first place.

Will A Virtual PA Work For Me?

We can start by having a complimentary discovery call to talk through any questions or concerns you may have. On this call we will also work out where you need support, and how best we can work together to maximise productivity. The hourly pay as you go option is also a great way to do a ‘trial run’ and see if having a virtual assistant works for you.

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Why Us?

We are in the fortunate position that through Valerie's connections we have access to a team of exceptional Virtual PAs who are already fully trained, know the industry inside out, and don't need hand-holding. There are a wide range of areas we can assist with. Just some of the benefits are:


  • Only pay for the time we are actually working. This means that you no longer have to pay for lunch breaks, coffee breaks or those unproductive moments throughout the day. A virtual assistant can cost less than a full time employee, saving you NI and pension contributions, plus holiday pay.


  • Effectively manage time and maximise productivity. we produce high quality work, paying close attention to detail whilst adhering to deadlines and strict time frames.


  • Flexibility - whether you need help with a specific event or project, for a few hours each week, or on a more structured basis we are available to assist you as and when you need it.

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Service Option One

Option 1: General Services

There are a wide range of day-to-day services that we can take care of to enable you to free up your time to spend on more important tasks. For example:


  • Holiday requests & monitoring

  • Job adverts (writing & placing the ad)

  • Email management

  • Document Building i.e SOP support

  • Stock Ordering

  • Client communications

  • Booking training

  • Customer complaint management

  • Diary management

  • CPD Management

  • Top Client Care

  • Overtime & sickness monitoring

  • Content Drafting

  • Supplier management

  • Staff communications

  • Invoice management

  • New starter packs

  • Merchandising support & ideas

The list goes on!


£35 per hour (Min 2 hrs)

£315 for 10 hours = £31.50 per hour

£590 20 hours = £29.50 per hour

£1140 p/m for 40 hours = £28.50 per hour


Service Option Two

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Option 2: Specialist Services

We've put this service in place for those extra services that need slightly more technical knowledge or advanced support to achieve the outcomes you desire. For example:

  • Product research

  • Salon Event Management

  • Award Entry Support

  • Competitor analysis


5% off for monthly retainer of 3 months
£299 for 10 hrs p/m = £897 total
£560 for 20 hrs p/m  = £1680 total
£1083 for 40 hrs p/m = £3249 total


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