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Group Coaching Live For Reception

LIVE coaching course direct with Valerie Delforge and Amy Gordon to ensure your Reception Team consistently deliver a 5* customer service on top of expertly juggling the rest of their role at the heart of the salon.

Reception Group Coaching Live With Valerie Delforge
and Amy Gordon

The Reception forms the heart of the overall salon/spa/clinic, and represents a key pillar in the success of your business.

A customer starts and finishes their journey at reception: so a good reception team can increase your revenue with little effort, but can also easily miss out on those opportunities if they don't know where to find them!

This Group Coaching Course will empower and develop your Reception Team to consistently deliver a 5* customer
service whilst expertly juggling the rest of their role at the heart of the salon.

Read on to discover more and find out when the next course begins!

Training Led By

The Delforge Group Salon Spa Clinic Consultant Business Mentor3.png

Amy Gordon


Director and Business Coach

The Delforge Group Salon Spa Clinic Consultant Business Mentor4.png

Valerie Delforge


International Spa, Salon & Business Consultant

Why Do I Need It?

Finding a coach that focuses on the reception team is difficult.


Having managed large teams throughout her career, Valerie recognises the critical importance of the reception team and knows exactly how to focus them to ensure they deliver a smooth operation and overcome all the daily challenges they face smoothly and effectively. 

By attending this live group coaching course, your reception team will benefit from time spent learning directly from Valerie, and leave feeling focused, organised and ready to multitask to exceed your expectations.

If you want to improve customer loyalty, and increase revenue with easily implemented tools and techniques, this is for you!


Read on for a breakdown of what your team will be learning in each of the 6 Live Webinars.

Business Consultant
Recruitment Experts Beauty Salon Industry UK

Next Course Dates

Starts 7th February 2022

Weekly Coaching Schedule:

 7th February: 10am - 11:30am

14th February: 10am - 11:30am

21st February: 10am - 11:30am

28th February: 10am - 11:30am

Back by popular demand!


Only £195pp +vat (Members pay £165pp +vat)

Starts 4th August 2022

Weekly Coaching Schedule:

4th August: 10am - 11:30am

11th August: 10am - 11:30am

18th August: 10am - 11:30am

25th August: 10am - 11:30am

Spaces Available


Only £195pp +vat (Members pay £165pp +vat)


Starts 5th May 2022

Weekly Coaching Schedule:

5th May: 10am - 11:30am

12th May: 10am - 11:30am

19th May: 10am - 11:30am

26th May: 10am -11:30 am

Spaces Available


Only £195pp +vat (Members pay £165pp +vat)

Starts 3rd November 2022

Weekly Coaching Schedule:

3th November: 10am -11:30am

10th November: 10am -11:30am

17th November: 10am -11:30am

24th November: 10am -11:30am

Limited Spaces Available


Only £195pp +vat (Members pay £165pp +vat)

Next Start Dates
Businesswoman with Mask

Reception Coaching

This 4-week course will comprise a 90-minute Online Coaching Session every week. So 4 Sessions in total. Below are the topics covered:

  • Understanding the impact your role has on the entire business

  • How to manage and optimise the diary to maximise revenue

  • Dealing with difficult customers (& even tricky team members!)

  • Keeping organized while juggling a huge variety of tasks!

  • Excellent customer service skills that make a memorable 5 star experience and ensure customer loyalty

Recruitment Experts Beauty Salon Industry UK


Is the coaching live or pre-recorded?

The coaching is LIVE, giving you the opportunity to be coached by Valerie and her expert team to grow your leadership and  management skills & understand how to support your salon owner in the best way possible.

Can I catch up if I can't make a session?

Yes, all sessions are recorded and available to play back throughout the duration of the programme. We do encourage you to attend the live sessions however, as they are interactive and you will gain more from them, but we understand that sometimes life gets in the way!

Will I receive a certification?

There is a certificate of attendance. The knowledge and skills you will gain comes from Experts who have years of experience in the industry.

Are there a lot exercises?

There are enough exercises to keep you engaged and focused on the key learnings - plus they are all fun! We understand you will likely be managing this alongside your job, so we make sure it is manageable within your schedule.

Is there an exam or test?

There are quizzes and questionnaires throughout to make sure you are registering the key information, but nothing too overwhelming and you won't be graded. Our goal is to motivate and empower you with new skills and expertise.

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