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Celebrating Women's Entrepreneurship Day with Amy Gordon

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

The number of women entrepreneurs across the world is growing exponentially. In fact women own 36% of small businesses worldwide. We're proud to support and work with so many talented, innovative and determinated businesswomen at the Delforge Group. Women entrepreneurs often motivate us by their hard work and drive towards the success. They are truly an inspiration to grow, to dream and to be brave, against many odds.

In that spirit, we asked Amy Gordon, Multi award-winning entrepreneur & salon owner, who knows exactly what it takes to run a successful beauty business, about her entrepreneurial journey.

Read on to find out more about Amy: what makes her so passionate about the beauty industry, how she overcomes challenges and what advice would she give to budding entrepreneurs. We're delighted to share her quick Q&A here with you:

Where did you start and how did you get to where you are today?

After studying Beauty in 1996 and working in the industry for a few years, I decided to explore other career options but returned to it in 2009 after my first child was born.

After discovering my love for Eyelash Extensions I trained in this area and soon Bambi Lashes was launched. The business then evolved and moved to new premises in 2012 where I renamed it to The Beauty Boutique and we became well known for Lashes, Brows and Nails.

In 2015 we launched our first advanced skincare brand ‘Skeyndor’. Over the next few years the skincare grew and a dedicated Skin Clinic was created.

2019 saw that skin clinic evolve even more and introduction of a number of advanced treatments such as Medical Needling, Light Therapy, Skin Peels and Advanced Blemish Removal.

At that time it became clear that a new website is needed and therefore became a perfect time to re-brand, making it clearer to everyone that AMY GORDON was the place to come for the most innovative, creative and latest beauty treatments and advanced skincare, performed by a team of extremely professional and experienced therapists.

My continued passion for this industry drives me to continually develop and strive to be the very best. In December 2021 we will open doors of our new facilities next door, which will see us expaning the Skin clinic once again.

The best piece of business advice you've ever received:

Open your mind to new opportunities and new ideas and forever evolve.

If you could give your younger self some guidance for your business journey, what would it be?

Be tougher, stand stronger and listen to your gut!

Your favourite thing about being an entrepreneur?

The rewards of owning a sucessful business that you can sit back and watch grow and develop, while meeting people that inspire you every day.

And what do you find most challenging - and how do you overcome it?

Finding a work-life balance and not becoming consumed by work.

Someone or another brand or business in the industry who inspires you and why?

Antonia Mariconda founder of Safety in Beauty - I wholeheartedly support her work in the industry, with her drive to stop unsafe practice and ensure only the fully experienced, qualified therapists are able to carry out the treatments. She tirelessly campaigns for this and I appreciate the work she does.

The British Beauty Council - This council works with the beauty industry, government and other bodies to drive excellence and growth across the industry. I use them as a reliable source when looking for updates and information in the industry. I think they are a great force in the industry as is one of their founders Millie Kendall.

What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

Be Prepared, Be Informed, have a clear vision and USP. Collate enough information and advice from professionals in the industry that will allow you to start your business on the right foot with strategy and structure in mind. Follow your heart and your dreams but ensure you know your numbers!

Thanks so much for reading! If you would like to organise a call with Amy or any other member of the Delforge Group team so we can help lead you to similar success, book your free consultation here.

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