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Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Many connections were surprised that I wrote a book on Micromanagement and were expecting a book on “how to run a salon/business and make it successful” and they would be right.

I have always based the centre of my consulting around what we call The Delforge 5 which are: Budget, Leadership, Retail, Marketing strategy and Reception which we believe are the keys to operating a successful business.

However, if you were to ask me to dig down further and give you that 1 key to the success of many entrepreneurs? I would have to say their leadership.

It all comes down to how you as an owner/entrepreneur are operating your business. The Why, the passion, the reason behind what it is that you have created. How committed are you to making it successful? How many knocks can you take to dust yourself off and carry on? How is your mindset on a day-to-day basis? How do you function with your work-life balance and empower your team, every day, no matter how you feel?

I believe that for Leadership to flourish, the systems and structure need to be in place. I believe that for you to handle anything that is thrown at you, your mindset and habits need to be nurtured. I believe that for your organisation to survive, you must learn about the soft skills of leadership that will allow you to overcome all situations and create a team that supports you no matter what.

With the recruitment crisis, the economic downturn and the world simply going a little mad, it’s hard to keep our mindset strong.

Coaching many owners on a 1-1 level, I have realised that we are in crisis mode which leads to the rise of micro-managers who are keen to control every single aspect of their operation. The lack of trust, transparency and the fact that we are in a phase of change are contributing to the rise of micro-managers who are simply feeling better when they can tick their forever-growing to-do list because you know what?

I’d rather do it Myself!

It’s easier, cheaper and I know the outcome. Why should we grow individuals who are going to be trained and leave? Why invest in a generation that isn't bothered and why do I wait for someone who is going to sort everything out for me when that person simply doesn’t exist? I have been burnt before, I don’t want to live what I lived before with difficult staff.

The truth is that we can carry on with this type of micromanagement, or we can change our ways and trust the processes in place.

That’s what I wanted to write about. Throughout my 30+ years of experience, I know that your Leadership can grow your business like never before and it is time for me to share my 2 pence worth of Leadership.

I can’t wait to bring the book out, enjoying the process and having to stop micromanaging. The launch is an experience that I will never forget! Micromanagement is the opposite of Leadership and it’s time we think of empowering everyone around us to attract the next generation into an industry that is simply incredible and has so much to give.

With Love,

Valerie x

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