The Business Audit


The Delforge Business Audit is a transformative step in your Business Development journey. 


Over a 3-week period Delforge Coaches, Valerie Delforge and Amy Gordon, will conduct a full business audit, analysing the key revenue drivers of your business, determining key growth areas, and creating you a 12-month Strategy for success with clear goals and KPIs.  This can be done remotely or with a site visit included. You will also receive 1-2-1 coaching to support you and talk you through your bespoke strategy.

'The Delforge 5'


With 30 years in the industry, Valerie has created a winning formula comprising five key pillars that form the foundations of every a successful spa/salon business. She calls these 'The Delforge 5':

  1. Budget 

  2. Marketing

  3. Leadership

  4. Retail

  5. Reception


During your Business​ Audit Valerie and Amy will assess your 'Delforge 5' and leave you with clear achievable quarterly targets in a bespoke 12-month Strategy For Success. Watch the video below to discover more.

Delforge Group_Spa Salon Consultants_8.J

Working with Valerie has been the best decision I have ever made for my business. Her knowledge and expertise has helped increase my business turnover by 68% in less than a year! Without Valerie’s structure and advice, I would still be struggling on my own, not knowing which direction to turn.

-Founder & CEO Sasha Core Beauty and Skin Clinic

The Business Audit

What's involved and who's it for?

What is it?

In-depth business analysis and strategy for growth with Valerie Delforge and Amy Gordon. Face-to-face or remote available

What do you get?

A full business analysis, 5 hours coaching, and a12-month Strategy For Success with achievable quarterly targets & KPIs

Who's it for?

Owners/CEOs/Senior Managers with existing businesses. Dramatically improve performance and increase profitability


1hr follow-up coaching worth £250

Save £350 on Stock Control Course*

What's involved?

Interactive process requiring active involvement and completion of set tasks


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Despite the uncertainty of the lock-down, we felt that investing in a Business Audit with Valerie would be worthwhile, especially since we had the luxury of taking a step back to working on rather than in the business. Yes, we were very nervous at spending money with no revenue stream. 


Valerie not only didn't disappoint, but exceeded our expectations. There aren't any areas of the business which haven't been put under the microscope; dissected, reviewed and analysed.  Ensuring we'll re-open our doors slicker, more efficient, more productive with a streamlined service offering in-line with increasing the profit lines and improving our efficiency and productivity. 


Personality is so important to us too, so working with someone we resonated with was crucial. Valerie is not just super professional but delivers her advice with humour, passion, caring and above all else, complete professionalism. 


Now the Business Audit has been completed we see Valerie as a valuable asset and will absolutely continue to work with her going forward. We can't wait for the nest 'chapter'


Thank you Valerie, you've been amazing to work with and you are our shining STAR!

-Carla & Sarah from the Bodhi Tree Spa

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