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When it comes to new openings, from brand new businesses to expansions, it takes a controlled operation to ensure you are focusing on the right things at the right time

With so many aspects of the business to consider, creating a new Salon, Spa or Clinic can be daunting. The main challenge is to ensure that the margins are strong to attain profitability as quickly as possible. 

To achieve profitability as quickly as possible strong foundations and strict guidelines must be put in place from the get-go. With the support of Valerie and The Delforge Group we can help across every area that must be considered for a successful opening:

  • Premises Lease & Contracts

  • Budget & Forecast

  • Treatment Menu

  • Branding

  • Website

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Marketing strategy

  • Business Operations Strategy

  • Salon Operation Manual

  • Health & Safety

  • Employee Contracts & Handbook

  • Staff Wellness Formula

  • Procedures

  • Recruitment

  • Team Management

  • Training Matrix

  • Brands & Supplier management

  • Stock Control

  • Booking Software

  • Reception Procedures

  • Uniform

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Launches & New Openings


Packages and Costs

With the wealth of experience that The Delforge Group® holds, we can help in all areas of your new venture. Whether you want us involved in the whole project or only certain aspects of it.

There are many ways we can work together to support you, from monthly retainer to a package fee depending on your exact requirements. 


The best way to start and ascertain exactly how we can help is with a complimentary Discovery Call and Consultation so we can put together a plan to help build your dream and create a future you can depend on.

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