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Team Productivity Toolkit

Boost Your Team's Performance and Increase Sales

£25 + VAT

We know that as a beauty salon or spa owner there is a lot to juggle and keeping your team motivated can be one of the biggest challenges. We've put together this easy to implement toolkit that you can utilise for an entire year, helping to ease some of the pressure, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.


What's in the toolkit;

  • 40 Ideas for Incentives

  • 20 Motivational Games

  • 52 Topics to Boost Weekly Performance

  • My Wanted List Template

  • Game & Sales Tracker Templates 

  • Examples of Scripts and Open-Ended Questions

Terri Irvin Spa Salon Beauty Retail Trainer.jpeg

Created by our Mindset & Retail Coach, Terri Irvin

Terri has over a decade of experience coaching teams in

5* spas and salons worldwide to learn to love retail. Terri also runs

our Retail Group Coaching and is the brains behind our 

Retail Revamp Programme.

More About What's Included

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