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Client Complaints

In a world of Google reviews and Yelp reviews to name just a few, whether a client is happy or not, you will hear about.

We all love when our clients leave that 5 star most amazing review about us and our work. But what happens when it’s a 1 star super detailed review and they are not happy about their cut or their treatment. “I told my stylist I only wanted 1 inch off the length and she cut 3 inches off”. Or, the treatment ‘The facial was good but I wasn’t spoken to throughout the treatment’. Or the review that had nothing to do with their services, maybe they were not happy with the way reception welcomed them or checked them out. “The receptionist was rude and not at all accommodating for my next visit”.

It’s in our nature to always want love and kind words but what if I told you even the bad reviews can be good! After you get over the initial shock and hurt feelings that a client did not like your masterpiece, learn from it.

Client #1 with the haircut. She only wanted an inch and you cut 3.

Did you ask your client to show you what an inch looks like to her? Bet you didn’t.

Client #2 with the therapist not talking. ‘She didn’t seem like she wanted to talk’ she says. Did you ask the client whether she wanted to chat or just relax in silence? Were you interested in the client's reasons for the visit and how she wanted to feel after?

Client #3 didn't have a pleasant experience at reception. Is reception overwhelmed? What is your protocol for rebooking a client when the stylist/therapist is booked for that day and time she needs?

Is the stylist/therapist informed of the difficulty? Can that stylist/therapist take a look at her books? Maybe she can get her in.

When a client complaint comes in you should of course review it and make sure that client is seen and heard and that the complaint is dealt with accordingly. But use that complaint as a way to re educate your staff on what they are missing. Are they really listening to their clients? How are their consultation skills? Do they need a refresher course in client consultations? Are your stylists/therapists given adequate time to do their services? Do they have the correct supplies they need?

Use the client complaint as a learning tool. Turn the negative into a positive. Learn from it. Go over the details with your staff member in a private meeting and help them troubleshoot what went wrong. Ask the question, “Where can I support you”?

As a manager, it is your responsibility to see that all clients are happy with their services, from when they walk in and are greeted by reception to the services they receive and as they exit reception.

It is also the managers responsibility to make sure their staff has everything they need to perform their jobs to the best of their ability physically and mentally.

Now let's see those 5 star reviews come in!

-Charlene Esoff

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