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It's the vibe that survives

Updated: Jul 5

We talk a lot about the culture of salons.  Whether you are working in a more formal establishment with a strict schedule and guidelines or a salon which is considered more laid back, taking a casual approach to your services and your schedule is more spread out, there’s a vibe to it all, right?

I have noticed over the years that either way you can be successful, make money and build your business but which environment will be comfortably sustainable  in the long run?  How much energy goes into your work environment and do you have enough of that energy for the long term?

I have worked with many different stylists over the years and have found many different personalities and as their leader it is up to you to help them find that balance.  Some stylists welcome the structure of running a tight ship, so to speak.  While others will leave you biting your fingernails wondering why they have yet to grab their client from the waiting area as they’re 15 mins into their appointment while they’re  still chatting up a storm in the staff room! 

So before you start off with guns blazing at the thought of putting together a one size fits all approach to the salons protocols,  keep in mind you will only stress yourself and your staff.  

A good way to keep the positive vibes going is to supply your staff with a nurturing  environment.  Be kind and generous with them.  Make sure they have everything they need to be successful.  Endless supplies  and properly stocked inventory so they can make the impossible possible for their clients.    Put on the good tunes for the day. Pay attention to their work/life balance.  Feed the soul and the mind will flourish! I guarantee your employees will flourish and so will your business.  You will never lack clients or staff.  Everyone will flock towards you and your business. 


This industry is all about creativity, art, and personality to name a few.  Yes, you need structure in your business.  But remember,   “Your Vibe attracts your Tribe”  So make it a good one!

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