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Leadership In 2024

I love January, a time to recenter and prep for the strategy you have built, it’s a time of ensuring that everything runs smoothly. 

Part of our strategy was to focus on Leadership in 2024 as I believe that it is the main skill that will grow your business year after year as well as give you a work-life balance which is what we are all craving for as owners. 

So here it is… my book “I’d rather do it myself, from Micromanagement to Leadership” is now out and the mini-course to Boost your Leadership is also complimenting the launch where you will find all of the downloads from the book and more! I am so excited to share with you an extract of the book today: 

“As mentioned, I believe that micromanagement is on the rise, and it will affect your staff and customer journey, but most of all, your work-life balance and mindset. It is the opposite of leadership as far as I am concerned. How can we empower the new generation to lead their lives? How can we empower ourselves to grow the business for the better so we can sustain cash flow and be proactive rather than reactive? The more I deal with businesses, the more I realise that once the operation is set, it’s down to the leader to keep empowering everyone around them. Most of the time, we are patching things hoping they will last for a while, putting out another fire that started whilst patching the last one... and the wheel carries on... So, it’s so much better if I do it myself as I know what to do, and it’s so much quicker. The fingers crossed management technique becomes more and more apparent. Can we really empower others if we micromanage to that effect?

What is Micromanagement?

Like a hamster on that wheel, there is a strong feeling of “no way out.” Mixed with that the information overload, the rise of the coaches all shiny and sparkly that make you feel inadequate, the constant social media that tells you how everyone else has got it under control... It’s easy for a micromanager to be born out of frustration and guilt. Analysing the customer journey becomes the exercise that is only going to add to their to-do list, but guess what? I’d rather do it myself…”

If you want to know more, 

Purchase the book here - the mini-course here

Secure your consultation here to find out how we could support you.

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