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Q and A With Salon Owner And Multi-Award Winner Amy Spearing.

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

We are so incredibly proud of our colleague Amy Spearing, whose multi award-winning Colchester salon AMY GORDON SKIN CLINIC & BEAUTY BOUTIQUE has just added two more accolades to its growing list of prestigious awards: Professional Beauty's South East Salon of the Year and Large Salon Of The Year. We sat down with Amy following the big win to talk all about her journey and what being a strong leader means to her:

Firstly how are you feeling since your win?! I still feel amazing! It was certainly a pinch me moment. These awards were the ones I really wanted to achieve, the ultimate goal really in our industry to reach in terms of awards. I feel so proud to have been recognised by the industry leaders and I am overjoyed for the team as everything we do is as a team and a thought out process by us all.

Tell us about your journey to launching your own salon? After my first child who is now 13 I fell in love with beauty again (it was something I had qualified in as a youngster but didn't do anything with it as such) and it was the perfect job in terms of being able to work around having children. My clientele grew rapidly as I ran the business from a cabin in the garden and after two years I moved to the top floor of the building we are now in. After a year here I then took on the whole building and grew the team and expanded our treatments. Over the years it has developed, changed, evolved into what it is today. What has been your biggest challenge along the way and how did you overcome it? Oh my goodness there have been so many challenges, having children, losing your top employees to motherhood or travelling etc, COVID19! I honestly beleive that everyday comes with it's challenges and I suppose the biggest so far would have to be COVID. As with everyone it has changed everything we do and have known how to do. Keeping positive and focused and not allowing the situation to take over you and your being is the way in which I am overcoming the challenges every day. What is the best piece of advice you ever received? To meditate! honestly sometimes when you're running a business everything can get on top of you and you must be in control of it otherwise you cannot be an effective leader. Meditation and relaxation methods are key for me. How do you keep your mindset strong? I have learnt more than ever over the past couple of years that I must take my days to rest and reset whether with my children or with my friends and family. They nurture my mind and soul and with this I can keep strong and continually forward. What do you think makes you a successful leader? Learning from mistakes, building resilience but most of all being you. Creating something that you believe in and are passionate about means that you can lead with passion and drive. I also have time for my staff and dedication to making them successful in ways in which they desire also.

3 bits of advice you would give to someone about to launch their own salon, or a salon owner struggling after this difficult year? Take time and reflect on what you want from this venture. Be sure that you understand what it is that's required to launch a business and to be successful. Be sure you have a solid team and foundation in which to begin on, go in with your eyes fully open. Use mentors and coaches to prepare you both from a business perspective and from a personal one. Don't try to do it all alone!

With regards to anyone struggling after this year I would say to give yourself time, be prepared (as much as you can be) better yourself and your team where you can and use it to spend time on you. If you feel strong personally then you can take that forward into your business.

Amy Spearing.
Amy Spearing.

Thanks so much for reading! If you would like to organise a call with Amy or any other member of the Delforge Group team so we can help lead you to similar success, simply fill in the 'Lets Connect' form below and we will be in touch soon.

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