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Member's Spotlight: iBrow

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

This month we celebrate Rachel Curran, founder and owner of the gorgeous destination brow bar, iBrow in Cork. Rachel was a Benefit girl with a dream, who opened up her own salon to reflect her expertise and created a training programme for her team to be true experts in their roles.

In the two years that we've worked together Rachel has managed to achieve every salon-owner's goal: escaping the trap of being stuck in the day-to-day with an always-growing, never-shrinking to do list; we've optimised the treatment menu to ensure maximum profitability and worked on time management, structure and operation.

We've managed to create a completely different way of working that allows Rachel to forecast, understand her numbers and be strategic in the decision-making, while her management team have had training that empowers them to be more independent and autonomous in the daily business operations.

Rachel's business journey is truly inspirational and goes to show that when you might be feeling overwhelmed, a bit of support and a few simple changes can transform the way you work! We're delighted to share a her quick Q&A with you:

The best piece of business advice you've ever received:

It's so easy to watch what everyone else is doing and let it get inside your head. But there is room for everyone: keep your focus on your own business and what makes you unique.

If you could give your younger self some guidance for your business journey, what would it be?

I would tell myself “there will always be very vulnerable and overwhelming days, and to reach out for guidance.” I wouldn’t change anything though, as the lessons you learn are invaluable.

Your favourite thing about being a being a business owner?

Creating a space and a culture for people to work at that I am proud of. There are wonderful high moments in being a business owner that are deeply fulfilling.

And what you find most challenging - and how you overcome it?

Managing people is by far the hardest challenge no matter how good you are with people. Life is tough at times on people and you must navigate running a business while also supporting your team in the best possible way and sometimes the two can be hard.

Someone or another brand or business in the industry who inspires you and why?

Honestly, Valerie Delforge has been a huge inspiration over the past two years. She has taught me a lot of things about how to lead and has definitely influenced my personal development hugely.

What you love about being a Delforge Member?

I 100% recommend being a Delforge Member. Running a business is the hardest thing you will do. You will try save money all the time at the start. Invest in having a mentor or support as it’s the best money you will spend in your business and you will thrive.

Have a look at the gorgeous iBrow, and be sure to treat yourself to a visit if you're ever in Cork!

Instagram: @ibrow_cork

Find out more about our Membership Services here.

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