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Retail - Thinking Outside The Box

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

This month I caught up with Laura Sarao from Wild for Dogs and what a pleasure it was.

Laura was once part of our marketing team at The Delforge Group prior to embarking on her dream of creating a Hybrid Skin & Hair Care brand for dogs. So recently we caught up and it got me thinking about other retail opportunities within our businesses that have more of a lifestyle approach and that speak to the type of clientele we see on a regular basis..

I know it sounds slightly bonkers that I would be interviewing the creator of such a brand but lately these kinds of brands have been popping up in salons around the UK and Ireland, not to mention being stocked in both Libertys and Harvey Nichols.

With retail being a notoriously tough area of the business to generate profit and to get the team to focus on, then I most certainly feel that thinking outside of the box and expanding our offerings with something that really talks to our clients is definitely food for thought.

The true figures are not known as to how many clients who visit salons own a dog but by simply going off what I certainly knew to be over 50% of my client base at the time I had my clinic then stocking a brand such as this could be just what you need to add a different element and point of difference and we have seen this be a very successful addition to a few of our clients salons in the last 6 months.

With some salons now becoming dog friendly (and we know this is not for everyone so completely dependent on what you offer and the vibe you are creating) then why not extend this to your retail offering?

Simply pop on to the website below and email Laura for more information and details on wholesale opportunities.

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