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It’s nothing new hearing The Delforge Group talk about how key the structure of a business is as to its success and the fluidity in the way it runs on a day to day basis.

I often come across owners that have little or no structure in the business or think they have structure as each staff member has a title but nothing relates to that title. I agree this sounds a tad harsh, however I have also been in this position in the past and fully understand the consequences of this on the business and how things can be so much better if that structure is just set in place and correctly from the start with each role clear and managed.

One the initial idea for what structure it is you need is in place then it comes down to what does each person in their position do. How will they do it? When will they do it? Is there training needed in order for this person to be successful in their position? 

I suppose the main area I see this fail in the structure of salons is when a manager is given the title and yet are they really carrying out management duties. On the whole I would say no, they are still in the treatment room/chair, not carrying out 1-1’s and not taking control of the day to day operational issues so therefore are they really a manager or are they someone that the team tend to and can go to in certain situations so we have just ended up giving them the title of manager but really they are a senior therapist or stylist.

Looking at it from another angle I have seen many occasions where a manager has been promoted from within or brought in externally. They have been given minimal training. expectations have not been made clear nor have they had regular meetings with the owner etc etc and they promptly fail or are deemed to be unsuccessful in the role.

The manager I finally settled on at my clinic was someone who I had nurtured over the years with the view of her taking control of the business in my absence. She was young so some may feel this is a potential issue but I just knew she would be amazing if she was given the guidance and support along the way. It took time, patience and much training but it was so worth it in the end, to have the business set and structured to the point I did not need to be in the business.

It’s not easy for sure but when we believe that the progress and growth relies on the structure and operations in place and the importance of this is clear throughout the business and employees then are starting point is strong.

So if today is the day you make a start on the structure then I always find these steps are a good line to follow:

  1. Define your roles and responsibilities

  2. Develop your organisational chart - outline reporting relationships 

  3. Establish reporting lines 

  4. If necessary departmentalise - for larger businesses this is good to do

  5. Delegate authority and give each employee ownership of their role.

  6. Promote Teamwork & Collaboration - encourage problem solving and supporting each other across the board.

  7. Promote Training and Development. Give employees opportunity to grow

  8. Establish performance management systems - set clear goals and expectations

  9. Adapt and Evolve - continuously review your employee structure and consider changes in the business. Stay flexible and responsive.

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