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Why do I need a Business Audit?

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

More often than not when running a business it's the things we don’t know we need that we need. Often heading blindly through, hoping for the best, not budgeting, going with our gut instinct. This of course can sometimes work and even for a prolonged period of time but then it catches up with and to really understand your business is an eye opener for any business owner that you will not look back from.

Its the case that many business owners tend not to have come from a business background and have created their dream and their passion and have built a fantastic business from this.

This can take the business far but when the chips are down it’s the ins and outs of budgeting, forecasting and mentoring that carries you through and is the reason why we believe the Business Audit is the window to the soul of all Businesses.

To simplify what you can get out of a Business Audit, I have listed below some of what's included and also how you can feel doing this!

  • Allows you to look at your business from the outside in

  • Finally gives you the insight you need all in one place

  • Easy spreadsheets to complete monthly finally allowing you to budget and plan for the months and year ahead

  • Ties into your stock control

  • Gives you the foresight to be able to set targets that are based on fact not gut

  • You will no longer need to ‘wing it’

  • The ultimate business tool

  • You will wish you had done it sooner

  • Gives you that lightbulb moment

  • Its like unveiling the cloth on something you've been wanting to understand but can never quite get to

  • This tool gets you ahead of the game, giving complete clarity and insight

  • Lets you look back at your business and to see your growth which sometimes is hard when you are stuck in the midst of things.

  • Drills down on the most important aspects of the business all in one place

  • With the outcome of this audit , small changes can be made to realise huge monetary gains and make changes that reverberate throughout the business

  • Lets you deep dive into your treatment list and to understand exactly what makes the money

  • Re-visit your staffing and which staff members are performing - allows you to make changes you may need to ensure maximum revenue.

This is the ultimate insight into your business, giving you clarity and lightbulb moments to really focus on you and your business and the end goal of having freedom both financially and mentally.

Book a discovery call with Amy on 07714 255382 to discuss your business needs whether it be what's worrying you now, how to take your business to the next level, your feeling exhausted and caught in a cycle that needs to change…….

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