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Why Structure Is A Key Aspect of Your Business That Will Empower You.

I’ve been talking a lot about empowerment recently as we face a difficult period since the pandemic started and the same few scenarios keep coming up;

  • Owners who simply want to put their keys under the door and just give up on it all

  • Creators who want to make the most of this downturn to open their dream salon

  • Burnout owners who don’t even know where to start anymore

  • Overwhelmed owners who are doing numbers that are so incredible, they are not even sure of how to sustain that growth, let alone manage the direction they want to take.

During coaching with all these different types of owners, they all have 1 thing in common: their mindset.

Whether it is a compromised mindset or one that is very clear, it is the only thing that will keep empowering them for the long term. Whether you want to put your key under the doors or not, it is how you are dealing with your emotions and planning ahead that will create your future.

Ultimately, and I know I keep saying this and perhaps it’s my background of being the Head of Spa Operations before I started consulting, I know that your structure is everything. How you structure your team, your time, and your habits will allow you to grow as an individual and keep reaching for what you have in mind.

If you are simply in the midst of it all and never take the time to reflect, revisit, recenter and reshape your routine to adapt to the situation at hand, everything will fall on your shoulders alone and result in burnout or simply feeling you are on a hamster wheel.

Whatever your situation or your dream, it is your own structure as an owner that will allow you to grow in a healthy and holistic manner which is the only way to sustain it for the long term. If something doesn’t feel right, it is usually because you have taken on far too much responsibility and the longer you leave it, the deeper it will get. Even if you sell your business tomorrow, if you don’t deal with the way you function, you will repeat the same pattern.

Entrepreneurship takes details, strategy and habits. And for you to be able to feel successful, you need to give yourself the time to apply everything you want in your business. For that, your structure: who does what, who can help, who can support you, and what can be done is the only thing that will keep empowering you. So start by giving yourself a couple of days every quarter to reflect and recenter, it is simply magical.

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