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Winging it only gets us so far…

I have definitely been guilty of winging it in the early days in my business, working from one month to the next and breathing a sigh of relief that I could make the payroll, not really considering building a cash flow or a strategy to mention…. I mean everything was in my head and that was fine wasn’t it??

Well yes but really no. Winging it only gets you so far. I had a good business but I wasn’t able to grow it the way I really should have been, I wasn’t clear on where the money was going and I certainly didn’t have a strategy. I realised that in order to do this I needed someone to work with, someone that could take what I was doing, look at it from a third person perspective and help me to get my ducks in a row so I could take it to another level.

This is when Valerie came into my life! I searched for a coach that would work on a 1-1 basis with me and be a support moving forward. This decision was a pivotal moment in my business that changed it from being a good beauty business into one that I was able to proudly call a Multi Award Winning beauty and skin clinic. I knew what my vision was and I was able to bring this to fruition.

The bare bones of where we started was with the Business Analysis. And this has certainly developed since those many years ago when I first started and with our combined knowledge and experience we have created this analysis together to focus on all the key areas needed in order to get the answers that lurk underneath when you are powering away on a day to day basis - surviving.

The business analysis allows us firstly to look at the financials of the business and the KPIs we believe are key, your monthly spend and where the money is going, is the balance right. We will also look at the treatment list and its profitability, the team, their performance, their rota’s, their roles and the structure of who does what. Looking at the budget allows us to understand the way in which you operate and what it will take to become more profitable, using the money in a way that works for you and to build and protect your cash flow to create strong foundations for the future.

We get to know you and the good, the bad and the ugly, how you want to work and how you are working. Ultimately where you want to take the business and how it is you can get there.

Together we work on a strategy and a timeline for this.

What I love most about the Business Analysis is the lightbulb moments it gives as we go through, the small and big changes it can make and the clarity it gives you over what's happening and what could change and how. It also gives you a hold on your business that I believe many do not have (and I know why as being an owner of a busy salon/clinic can just take over) and the tools in which you can use to ensure moving forward you will feel in complete control of your finances and direction.

If you want to discuss your business in any way or understand more if this is the right coaching you need right now or maybe one of our programmes would suit better then click here to book a FREE 30 minute consultation, basically a good chat!

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