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Black Friday Strategy - Top Tips From Terri Irvin

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Black Friday is now the second biggest retail day of the year. Love it or hate it, it's here to stay. This is a great way to engage with customers and really showcase the amazing retail opportunities you have on offer and pick up a few new clients. If you want to run a black friday offering but not sure where to start... these top tips will ensure you retail smart!

  • Start by creating hype across all your social media platforms and Websites. Banners and pop ups are a must. It should be the first thing clients land on.

  • A countdown works great, it's fun and encourages clients to set a reminder.

  • Run a Black Friday preview with potential products that might make the black friday list. I would advise mixing some cult products that don't make the black friday cut but this will keep clients engaged. This is great a few days beforehand. Drop a product/service a day!

  • Give benefits of the products, who they are suited for and savings clients could see on the big day.

  • Limit the number of products available for the event to encourage clients to act quickly. You could have x amount of vouchers at this price / 5 kits at this price etc.

  • Offer gifts with purchase or team two or more products together which can lead to more upselling across your line.

  • Create offers for recommending friends so they both benefit

  • Ensure your selling platform is working smoothly. Most clients use their mobiles, is your site mobile friendly and easy to navigate the ‘’shop’’ page.

Thanks for reading!

At The Delforge Group we know retail to be one of the greatest untapped resources for driving revenue, customer loyalty and cross-selling in almost every spa and salon business.

Find out more about our Retail Group Coaching Live With Terri Irvin.

The next course begins on 5th January 2021.

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