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Continuing Education

Updated: Apr 2

The beauty industry is forever evolving. New things are continuously introduced to us.

In addition, new things are being introduced to the public, our clients. A new and improved product line. A new way of doing a popular treatment or even a new machine that will change the way you do things. Even what was once old is now new again so staying on top of it all is imperative.

As a Salon Manager and a Coach I am expected to lead and advise everyday. If I don’t know what’s going on within my own industry I won't be doing my job very well. Not every Salon/Spa owner or manager works behind the chair or in the clinic with clients,  but we still need to understand what’s going on around us. We need to be educated in order to educate others.

My mantra is ‘If my staff are attending, so am I’. They love the fact that I’m coming along with them to better educate myself and to support them. I also want to know what they are using and how and If it’s something you are seriously considering bringing into your business, being at that workshop with your Rep is the perfect time to discuss it. I have even signed up for online workshops with a product line that we carry just to go over some of the new products that have launched recently.  

I also have my brand Reps on the lookout for any Managerial workshops I might be interested in. Staying close with your Reps is a fantastic way to stay on top of everything and anything within your industry. They have access to so many different events and most of the time they’re free! 

I recently attended ‘The International Beauty Show’ at The Javits Center in New York City. I went to ensure I was alongside my staff to show my support and involvement and  also simply because I hadn’t been to it in some time and what a better way of educating myself on all that is new then to go to one of the biggest industry shows. It was also a great place to network, another key area when managing a salon.

I think at times Managers can feel isolated within the walls of their salon or clinic. We are there to manage to guide, educate, empower and inspire and n order to do all that, we must be inspired ourselves.  We need to fill our cup up first in order to fill up others. Get out there, take some classes, find a workshop that interests you. Start filling your cup again. 

What will be your next continuing education class/workshop?


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