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Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

I had the most amazing pleasure of training a 4 salon team recently in Ireland. It was great to be home and I enjoyed all the pleasures that are Tayto crips, Butlers Chocolates and the good ol' Irish banter. It's unrivaled throughout the world from toll booth operators to check in staff you can be guaranteed a welcoming smile loaded with charm.

On this particular training session I was very in tune with language. I was reminded of common day phrasing that previously formed part of my dialect when I lived here. I felt a little saddened that I have lost a part of my heritage but then reflected on how stong my communication with others has become now that I have overcome these linguistics habits.

- my direct messaging has become stronger

- my clients now listen to me

- my clients are taking action and seeing results

Can ones dialect really have this profound effect on retail and customer service.

Yes it can!

As humans we crave clear instructions. I was reminded of this once more when I boarded my flight back to Manchester. The pilot made his announcement welcoming us on board. Then he simply said,"sit back, relax and enjoy the flight". Clear direct instructions. He never said, "try to relax" or"I hope you enjoy the flight". Guess what?! I sat back, relaxed straight away and enjoyed my flight experience!

"Tell your clients what you want them to know".

Is language or bad habits blocking your communication with clients and effecting your sales?

Join me on my next retail training course as we discuss this and more.

Start improving your sales technique now.

Find out more about our Retail Group Coaching Live With Terri Irvin.

The next course begins on 5th January 2021.

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