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Are you Thriving or Struggling?

Over the last year, we have seen the gap widen with salon owners either thriving or struggling salons. This gap has deepened we believe due to the rise of costs, lack of recruitment, salon closure and lack of strong long-term strategy. Whilst some of you are finding the pinch even greater, others find that their business is busier than ever.


Here are some thought processes that I wanted to share with you:


 Are you struggling?


There is so much to say to the owner who is finding it difficult at the moment,  the reality is that you are living with:

  1. A tough cash flow situation: managing every pennie coming in and going out

  2. Staff members who are not profitable but loyal

  3. Tough recruitment situations

  4. Difficult team altogether

  5. Lack of new clients

  6. Marketing that isn't working

  7. Client visits are spaced, what was every 6 weeks is now every 12 weeks


The main issue with struggling salons is the effect it has on your mindset as a salon owner. It can be so difficult to come to the salon feeling like you are going to solve all of your problems today when you can see gaps in the diary and the team culture going downhill because you are solely focused on the numbers.



Are you thriving?


We meet with salon owners who have never experienced such high numbers, higher volume of clients through the doors, good number of new clients and an efficient team, the reality can look like this:


  1. Handling everything all at once as you are fighting fires all of the time

  2. Work-life balance can suffer

  3. Managers who could be more efficient

  4. Not knowing which direction to take

  5. Create systems that go out of the window as it is so busy

  6. The staff can feel let down by the lack of communication and no clear win-win situation for their commission

  7. Not capitalising on such growth as the time is limited to create a long-term strategy


The main issue is that a lot of owners who are striving are potentially bogged down with the day to day operation and the lack of time limits their potential greater growth. Most owners who are thriving can become the victim of their success which can result in burnout if it stays like this for a long period.



So now what?


There is always a solution to a problem. Most of the time, because your head is so deep in whatever issue you might encounter, you are unable to find that solution that talks to you.


My first conversation with either of these owners is to start with well done. You have a business, now it’s about steering it in the direction that you want and your future. Pat yourself on the back, feel good about what you have achieved, now let’s strategise it.


Then it’s about staying in your lane. Stop thinking about other solutions, what others are doing that looks better, what you could be doing that could help, and work on what’s essential: your time, your goals and your strategy. Whether you want to close the salon, downsize it or upscale it, there is a strategy. It will take time to implement and the requirement to focus on it to change the way you behave and ultimately bring a balance to your business.


To me, any business is based on the right structure and the correct implementation of systems that will allow you, the business owner, to work on developing the business further. Even if you want to leave the keys under the doors, then what next?


That being said, I truly believe that as an owner, you have resources, list them and work on them. Remember that this downturn in the economy is a wave that you need to overcome just like your success can be long-term if you work on protecting what you are building right now.


Whatever category you fit into, get in touch, our audits are a great way to start understanding the business like never before and give you a different perspective on how you can manage everything further. In the meantime, keep shining, you are doing much better than you think…


Much love,


Valerie x

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