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Why is letting go so hard?

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

It's our baby, our life's work, we are the best at what we do, and we don't want to let go of that. Maybe for fear of what will happen if we do and maybe for the fear that no one will do it quite like us.

However, if we are to have a life outside of the business, the art of letting go is something we must nurture, learn and enforce upon ourselves so we can spend time on the business and its growth, spend time with family and friends, pick the children up from school or simply just have a break.

The key to letting go effectively is having structure and operations in place that allow others to take control of areas so as not to always fall on you and by creating a management team around you, that understands how you work and want the business to work. A management team that you nurture and allow to evolve and showcase their strengths and not hold back on how you do things or why.

Try not to imagine that a manager will be the answer to your prayers immediately, but one thing I can promise is if you put in the time and set the systems in place and guide that manager in the right way, then it will be your chance to step back and take a moment for yourself and reflect on the business and how you want to work.

Let your manager make mistakes, ask questions, 50 a day if needed, give a timeline of when your expectations are to reach certain milestones and then trust in your manager to give it their best shot.

Once you are there, ensure you have regular weekly meetings, maybe just half an hour every Monday, be consistent as the manager needs consistency and support to flourish. Ensure they understand that this is the meeting where everything is discussed, instantly removing the daily contact, so they gradually settle into their role and take the reins.

It can be done, and they can be as good as you, so good luck on this new journey and be excited for your time spent on other things!

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